Corium Applications


Extra virgin 

olive oil

There is no doubt that one of the best gastronomic products of our country is the extra virgin olive oil, a very characteristic and well known product in the mediterranean diet. This is a product which is no longer just a food that from a nutritional point of view brings a great diversity of benefits and properties, but has become a true delicacy.


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 We asked ourselves a question regarding the mono dose: why does something that’s used 10 seconds need to contamínate our planet for so many years? We had an idea, let’s make something ephemeral, something that would preserve the oil better than any other packaging and also that once used it could disappear quickly without contamination. We did it.



Corium is an innovative product, unique in its sector. Our vacuum encapsulation system allows the product to be keep with all its qualities, aromas and flavours from the first day.


The 3D packaging is creative and it brings a wow effect, at home with guests or in the high-end restaurants. It is very easy to open and it has a soft feel to it, allowing a very precise application.


Each Corium product contains maximum quality oil. We select the best each season, in the varieties Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, etc.