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GARlic oil:


We’ve made the tastiest and most
antisocial garlic oil of them all.

Especially for singles and memyselfandIs.
It can still be enjoyed by people who
don’t belong to either group.

Just make sure everybody has some.

That way nobody will notice the smell!

Rosemary oil:

Our marketing team are the hippies of  CORIUM .

They needed an oil that reminded them of that.
That’s why we created our oil with rosemary.


An oil that on your toast or salad will remind you of walks in the countryside just after two days of rain.

They live in the country, surrounded by nature and animals.

Truffle Olive:


Our colleagues in accounts are epicures.
They won’t eat just anything.

We tried a thousand different spices,

but we weren’t getting anywhere.


So, we decided to give our oil a touch of truffle.


Only appropriate for the most demanding palates.

Balsamic Vinegar:

Our distributors were always banging on about the same thing. They kept on saying that oil in biodegradable packaging was all well and good but we were missing the vinegar. So, we got to work.


We’ve made a really unique balsamic vinegar. With the acidity that characterises vinegar, the sweetness of a great balsamic and a touch of liquorice that’ll blow your mind.

We’re not going to talk about how hard it was, just that in the end we managed it.


One of the products the CORIUM team have been waiting for. They are Ketchup fanatics!

They’ve designed a super thick ketchup with loads of tomato and no sugar but that’s still got that sweet, sweet flavour.

They love to lick their fingers after eating a bunch of freshly cooked French fries.


Sometimes being healthy is boring.

Always having salad the same way is boring.


What a change when you put some pieces of fruit, croutons, and a good Caesar dressing!


We know Caesar dressing isn’t the best for your figure, but it’s so good.


These days it’s fashionable to be healthy.


Only the mustard was missing to have all the condiments in biodegradable packaging.


We were constantly being asked to work it out. After lots of attempts, the team managed it!


A super fine-grained mustard, mellow with a touch of heat that makes it unforgettable!



Its thick texture, rich colour, spices,

and smoky aroma, make our barbecue

sauce the queen of takeaways!


No doubt about it,

t’s the funkiest of all our sauces.


It’s good with everything, but with some crispy chicken wings, it’s out of this world!



We’ve tried to get our production department to go on a diet a thousand times but there’s just no way. They put mayo on everything.


So, we decided to get to work.


We told them: one 10ml single serving per day. But of course, it couldn’t be a plastic sachet.


We made the biodegradable capsule, but the mayo is so good they are having two instead of one! We’ll keep trying.

Extra virgin olive oil:

Without a doubt CORIUM wouldn’t be
what it is today without our star product.

Our extra virgin olive oil captures
the essence of the south.

It’s got flavour, it’s got aroma, it’s got the countryside, it’s got green grass, it’s got it all.

Just what your salad needs.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Spicy oil:

Sometimes, when they’re inspired, the R&D crew are up all hours in the lab, and of course, then it’s pizza time! They were sick of boring pizzas, and that’s when they thought of putting a little chili in our oil!

Our R&D team don’t have to follow a timetable. They always turn up late, often with a hangover.

They’ve made a spicy oil that’ll give your pizza the spark it needs.

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